Incentive to Internationalization (Portugal 2020)

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SDT - Electrónica, S.A was established on November 29th, 1987, in Lisbon, concentrating its activity in the technology sector, namely in the commercialization of products for three segments of markets, telecommunications, defense and security and energy and transport.

In the telecommunications market segment, the focus is the marketing of products and solutions for the next generation networks of telecommunications operators. In defense and security, SDT provides products for surveillance and protection, both at the individual level and at the sensitive site level. Finally, in energy and transport, SDT proposes to sell command and control platforms.

Through the financial support of the European Union, SDT drew up an internationalization plan with the aim of:

  • Strengthen profitability indices in order to bet on new forms of innovation;
  • Diversification of the business business both at the level of available products and at the level of external markets to act;
  • Increases in quality indicators, complying with quality management practices.

In the post-project year, SDT expects to increase its international turnover by 30% by maintaining the position it has already achieved in international markets and by entering new markets in Latin America, Europe and Asia.