About us

SDT Electrónica
has been present in Portugal for 40 years. It was created in 1978 as a subsidiary of the French group Thomson-CSF, ensuring that during 10 years a large part of it's activities were conducted under the aegis of the Thomson Group. In 1988, Thomson-CSF France sold the company to a financial group, SDT Gestion et Investissement, giving rise to the current name of SDT Electrónica.

In 2012, SDT creates its first foreign branch, SDT Eletrônica Brasil, which currently has permanent employees in the company and certified service partners.

SDT began the development of its first smartphone in 2013, having created in internally in 2014 the area of ​​Mobile Devices that has dedicated functional elements in Portugal and China.

In October 2015, SDT launched its own smartdevices brand - LAIQ (www.laiq.com) - designing in LAIQ the knowledge coming from ODM projects with operators, where it has developed, produced and delivered in Portugal since 2014 more than 250,000 smartphones.