On site support (with SLA)

SDT has a team of support engineers, available for quick on-site intervention,  for resolving those problems which cannot be solved remotely. The intervention processes are defined and agreed on with the client so as minimize service interruption as much as possible, and are to be evaluated by performance indicators according to the SLAs previously agreed upon. 

Remote Support (24/7)

SDT's remote support service offers 24/7 network monitoring solutions, telemetry and warning management, customized to fit the client's support needs, and according to the technology manufacturer.


SDT repair services include the intervention on equipment components, software integrity analysis, electric performance and functional simulation tests under real operating conditions in order to guarantee the highest possible level of equipment reliability after repair.


SDT also offers a service of managing replacement components in order to support our clients operations, allowing a quick response to their needs in terms of equipment maintenance, allowing to reach high levels of  network availability  while allowing to reduce maintenance costs of spare parts stocks.