The reduction in prices of semiconductors, the miniaturization of sensors and microprocessors, together with an increasing mobile connectivity boosted the development of the  IoT  (Internet of Things).

The  IoT  is a network of smart devices and machines which are capable of self-monitoring. They can also collect contextual  information via sensors and use patterns, allowing to share information among connected devices but also with other devices and services.  

Connected cars, homes and workplaces are going to be connectable to the  IoT , where smart devices will serve as primary communication interfaces, allowing people to interact with all devices which are connected to internet. 

Smartphones offer most connecting options - including NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fia and Cellular, making them the ideal devices to become the brain, eyes and remote control for users within the IoT ecosystem.

Because SDT thinks of the smartphone as being the centerpiece of the IoT, we started developing our first smatphones back in 2013. We signed a distribution agreement with Google, and built our know-how with CPE SoC  manufacturers, in order to gain knowledge about the best chipsets for smartphones. We used the technical accuracy of system integrators for the selection of reliable components in order to guarantee excellent performance as the the compliance with  reference design, and we established  partnerships for production, guaranteeing a very high quality of the final product. SDT sold over  250 000 smartphones in Portugal within two years.