SDT provides a complete range of means for video encoding and distribution to television operators, be it cable, satellite TV or telecommunication service providers, making sure they are compatible with the latest generation networks with virtualized function formats. Connected devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones allow for more opportunity to expand video content offer, giving viewers the possibility to acces linear and on-demand television contents anytime, anywhere.

New generation SDT video platforms allow the following:

  • High performance video processing, including 4K and HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding).
  • Provide hundreds of channels compatible with an ever wider range of devices in any format.
  • Guarantee that operators transmit a very high QoE (Quality of Experience) format for image and sound.  
  • Reduce energy consumption and system maintenance, as well as required rack space.
  • Easy to integrate with existing video formats.
  • Support for upcoming video protocols, image formats and compressing standards as they change following the evolution of existing platforms.